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Whether its working with farmers in Nigeria, supplying Agrocommodities to Canada, the USA, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Guetamala and Turkey, we help our costumers meet demands for sustainable sourcing and healthy foods


Our cashew processing factory is equipped with modern technology that produces high quality cashew kernels with. Our kernels are exported across the world and are highly sought after by importers due to their superior quality.

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We manufacture premium quality peanut and cashew butter of the highest standards that caters to both local consumers and international markets alike. Our butter is made from fresh ingredients, with no added preservatives, making it a healthy and nutritious choice for consumers.

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Our sesame seed cleaning factory provides 99.7% pure sesame seeds, ensuring the highest quality and standards of production.


Farmers trust our agrochemicals for their quality and effectiveness. These agrochemicals have quickly become favorites in the farming community, delivering outstanding results and promoting healthy crop growth. We're committed to providing farmers with the best tools to boost their yields and ensure a successful harvest season.

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