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Termivet: Your Organic Pest Control Solution

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Termivet: Your Organic Pest Control Solution

Are you searching for a safe and effective way to protect your crops from pests while maintaining the integrity of your organic farming practices? Look no further than Termivet, your trusted organic pest control solution.

Why Choose Termivet?

Termivet is a powerful organic pesticide specially formulated to provide an effective and environmentally responsible solution to common pest problems in agriculture. Here's why you should consider Termivet for your pest control needs:

  • Effective Pest Control: Termivet is designed to combat a variety of pests that can threaten your crops, from ballworms and weevils to leafworms, cutworms, and more. Our carefully crafted formula ensures that you can protect your crops without compromising on results.

  • Easy Application: Termivet is easy to mix and apply. Simply follow the provided instructions to create the required solution. It's suitable for use with a calibrated knapsack or boom sprayer, ensuring that you can achieve even coverage on your crops.

  • Organic Ingredients: Termivet is derived from a combination of two different plant-based extracts. This unique blend acts as an anti-feedant and disrupts normal insect growth and molting, repelling both larvae and adult insects. It also sterilizes adult insects, making them less likely to lay eggs on your crops.

  • Safety First: While Termivet is a powerful pest control solution, we prioritize safety. We understand that your well-being and that of the environment are of utmost importance. That's why we provide clear instructions, cautions, and warnings on proper handling and usage to minimize risks.

  • Environmental Awareness: We are committed to protecting the environment. Termivet is hazardous to aquatic life, so it's crucial to avoid contaminating water sources with the product or its empty containers. We encourage responsible use to safeguard the ecosystem.

Application Rates

Termivet offers recommended application rates for various crops and pests, ensuring that you can tailor your pest control strategy to your specific agricultural needs.






Ballworms, weevils, leafworm


14 days

Vegetables, Tomatoes

Cutworms, weevils


14 days

Cabbage, Lettuce, and Cucumber

Bollyworm, corn earworms


14 days


Budworms, armyworms


14 days

Beans, Soybeans, Maize, Sorghum, Peas

Beans weevil, bollyworms, budworms, cutworms, armyworms


14 days




7 days

Termivet is your ally in the battle against agricultural pests, providing you with a powerful, organic, and eco-friendly solution that aligns with your values and sustainable farming practices.

Ready to experience the benefits of Termivet for yourself? Contact us today to learn more about our product and how it can help you protect your crops naturally and effectively. Safeguard your harvest, your land, and the environment with Termivet - your trusted organic pest control solution.

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